I decide I turn it to the lower right from leaning to the left in a box of GBA side, and to call it position 1-1, one or two, 1-3, ..., 1-29, 1-30.
In addition, I omit that I write a report and write it as report.
There is a place letting I pull memory card in the middle of a report in this tip and stop a report. I decide to call this interruption report.
As for the timing to pull memory card, I do not mind among reporters anytime.

I assume Pokemon which I want to increase A (box ですよ of GBA side). Do not mind even several Pokemon,; but at first 1 increase try to do it.
It is assumed that A is to 1-1. I move A to one or two from here and work as an interruption reporter.
I move A to 1-3 next. And it is report.
I leave Pokemon box. I switch on GBA again.
Pokemon A of a while ago becomes two of them when I enter Pokemon box once again.
In this case there should be it to one or two and 1-3.







役に立った(2人) 立たなかった

100% (評価人数:2人)